Top Five Affordable Wristwatches

Top Five Affordable Wristwatches

In the watch community there’s a big love for high-end wristwatches / Haute Horlogerie. But they’re, for some us, a bit costly if I may say. The shining mechanisms, perfectly designed dials, and the well known brand logos. All combined it turns the watch into an even more expensive accessory. If you search well there’s a lot of “gems” in today’s current watch market, new and used. In this article I will show you the best 5 affordable wristwatches according to me.

In my opinion, if you can’t afford buying a new wristwatch that goes around $2,000-5,000 then you should go for a used one in mint condition.

Consider Vintage!

In older models it’s important to know that you still have the same logo, same quality and in some cases the same movement. This may get thinking “but it’s scratched” or “ the bracelet doesn’t fit the way I like”. There is an easy solution for that, buy locally and try the timepiece on before you make up your mind. There is nothing like trying the watch and seeing it for yourself. The scratches is fixable. a strap is changeable, and dirty watch is cleanable. Keep in mind that some vintage watches loose value if you polish them, the scratches adds character to a vintage timepiece. 

A lot can change the aspect of a watch in a good way, and sometimes these changes are quite cheap, a new strap or a bracelet can do magic. Believe me when I say, I’ve had lots of moments when I’ve seen a used watch online and thought for myself “Oh I couldn’t buy this at all” but since I decided to give the used watches a chance I’ve had many new loves and a more diverse collection thanks to that. 

Few rules to consider when buying used wristwatches:

Ask for the original box and documentation.

Ask for a receipt if possible.

Make sure that the reference number on watch matches the documentation.

The final price is always negotiable.

Invest some time in background checks of the watches characteristic and how to spot if it’s a fake.

If you feel the slightest suspicious about the seller or the timepiece in front of you, DON’T BUY IT!



For the racer and Tag-lover

The first brand I’ve selected is TAG HEUER. I own a few myself and I must say they are watches that are made with an extreme quality in terms of materials and perfectionism even though they’re machine assembled and made. 

The Aquaracer model or the older HEUER models are a good option when it comes to a cool vintage design and dial. It’s also the perfect watch for those stressful days when it has to be up to every task and every outfit change, in case you need to attend to a meeting or switch it up quick to dinner with friends.

TAG HEUER AQUARACER WN1111 – 500$-900$ (quartz)

TAG HEUER CARRERA WS 2111 – 700$-850$ (automatic)


For the everyday occasion

The second brand I’ve chosen is LONGINES, a brand that can guarantee classiness in every model while being ready to accept any sport challenge, perfect for the sports enthusiast that love to have a watch with multiple functionalities.

The diving bezel was major factor in my choice, plus, you will have a hard time discovering a two tone better than this one at this price range.


LONGINES Hydroconquest 40mm Two Tone – 800$-900$ (automatic) & LONGINES Hydroconquest Black Bezel – 600$-900$ (automatic)


The discrete wristwatch

Tudor is one of those brands that all Rolex enthusiast should learn to love. In my humble opinion it’s much more valuable than a Rolex, excellent mechanisms, perfect quality, discrete look, and I cant name a model that I dislike. The Tudor Prince is the cousin of the Rolex Datejust, with an amazing dial and cyclops lens and a case shape you can use to personalize with your favorite straps.


Tudor Prince Oysterdate - USED - 800$-1000$ (automatic) Photo:

Tudor Prince Oysterdate – USED – 800$-1000$ (automatic) Photo:

For the alternative and innovative man

Seiko  has been producing quality pieces with amazing techniques over the years with few or none recognition, forget about all that Swiss vs Japanese debate, if you need an extremely good looking watch with amazing blue hands a perfect dial pattern this is the one for you. Has just the right amount of details to not give that “naked” dial feel. Those blue hands… mhmmmm.  

SEIKO Premier Automatic REF.SRPA17J2 – 400$-600$



For the mechanism perfectionist

I want to introduce you guys to one, if not the best, bargain in the watch market. If you’re a watch enthusiast with even if a little love for watchmaking you will love this one. We all know Tissot for being the brand that keeps innovating and still maintaining one of the best quality/price rates. This next model is an amazing watch, starting with the great oval shape that screams “70’s” and that reminds us all of the beloved HEUER Autavia. Some of you may know (its in my author description) I love panda dials, they are easy to read, beautiful and unusual. This Tissot is powered by one of my favorite movements, the Valjoux 7734, a true work horse.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that it’s a chronograph with cylindrical pushers. Yep, its beautiful!

1970 TISSOT Navigator Seastar Panda Dial With Valjoux 7734!

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