The new Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire

Introducing the new Grönefeld Bespoke 1941 Remontoire.

In the middle of all those “Best watches of BaselWorld” articles that we see popping up after BaselWorld. There is one watch that I can tell you about, the Bespoke Remontoire by Grönefeld really caught my eye, and ever since BaselWorld I havent been able to get it off my mind. 


Not only for its mechanical perfection and craftsmanship but for its visual idealization and design. I’m talking about the new Gronefeld Bespoke 1941 Remontoire*, more specifically the blue dial version of it. 


Marvelous. Fantastic. Hypnotizing.

Only 3 of many words I could use to describe this beautiful Remontoire by Grönefeld.
Grönefeld is owned by two brothers, Bart Grönefeld and Tim Grönefeld, that work together in symbiosis to create and develop timepieces with certain types of complications since that’s the main interest of these two brothers from a young age.

And what a magnificent work they do!

This maxima is shown to us in their latest novelty.


The new 1941 Bespoke comes with an amazing dial, a blue dial with enameled guilloché pattern, could it be better? No, its perfect!

The enamelling gives it an even more deep look and an almost hypnotizing design.

You may even think that this is a computer-created dial but you couldn’t be more wrong, this dial is created by a century-old machine and controlled by hand and eye of a master watchmaker. The dial is so complex to create that Grönefeld spends more than a day just to create it.

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When it comes to its heart I can say it’s a beautiful one, and like Grönefeld says “A movement for purists”. The bridges are hand-beveled contrasts with its micro-blasted technique. The movement includes a balance wheel with white gold timing screws and is equipped with a free-sprung over-coil hairspring with triangular stud. The inventory of different surface decorations will sate the desires of any purist and include snailed, grained, spotted and frosted surfaces.

*Remontoire – The Remontoire is a complication used to give the watch even more accuracy by having a source of power near the escapement. The main spring delivers power to the Remontoire and so on.

Remontoire means “to wind”.


What do you think of this novelty? Leave me your comments down below 🙂

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