Tag Heuer or Montblanc ? A battle between the Modular 45 and the Summit

Are we witnessing the rise of the Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are one of those hard to talk about topics. I belive its due to an overwhelming misunderstanding of their use and purpose. A lot of people look at smartwatches like they are some kind of assassins of mechanical watches or a big pile of rubbish that was invented to be a marketing hoax.

The truth?

Every person with a minimum knowledge of marketing knows that this two types of watches are made for two really different target groups and segment. Smartwatches weren’t made to murder the mechanical watch market, and they actually couldn’t.

A Deloitte market study shows that the luxury markets are dominated by watch groups that mainly (95%) produce mechanical/quartz watches.

The new Modular 45 and its easy-to-change case. Photos by TAG HEUER

At IFLWATCHES we love to be constantly updated about novelties and watches that push the line of innovation even further. We feel its really exciting that there is now two brands that are very well known for their mechanical watches, that are now also rivals on the smartwatch market. 

I’m talking about the release of the new updates for the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45  and the new Montblanc Summit.

Two smartwatches.

Multiple dial choices.

Multiple functions for the daily tech-savvy persons.


The first the Tag Heuer Connected was shown to us in 2015, with a intriguing technical design with an outstanding range of customization and a well constructed 46mm case and an Intel Atom Z34XX that delivers one of the best if not the best speed in terms of software.

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This year TAG HEUER launched the MODULAR 45 in Le Chaux-de-Fonds in their factory.

The new Connected comes to fulfill a necessity of improving the smartwatches life and usability. How? The new Modular 45 comes with the possibility of adding a mechanical movement to the smartwatch core, this way you can even have a real/physical tourbillon and automatic movement.


The watch comes with a case size of 45mm and several options for its material (titanium, gold…).

And that’s not all in terms of personalization, you can personalize the lugs, the bezel and the strap too. Oh and did I mention that Tag Heuer will launch a dial customization tool? Yes that’s right, you can now have the Carrera dial you always wanted in blue and with a tourbillon, or that insane and dreamful panda dial.


You can check all the possibilities and specs in here.


Now its time to talk about Tag Heuer Connected’s latest rival by another great Swiss manufacturer.

The new Montblanc Summit

The new Montblanc Summit with the traditional 1845 dial. Photo by SalonQP.

As you may know Montblanc has already tried to create a statement inside the tech friendly audience, and that didn’t turn out to be their best move. I’m talking about the smart bracelet add-on e-strap. But now Montblanc seems perfectly ready to reach this type of segment. A really well designed product, nicely finished, well marketed and publicized and the most important, a trust-worthy smartwatch.


The Summit is based on the Montblanc 1858 dial and design (for me the most beautiful Montblanc model-series), it comes with a 46mm case diameter and it ends up to be a thick watch with its 12,5mm in thickness and it comes built in steel or titanium.

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This time there will not exist a personalization tool but Montblanc created dials with inspiration from the TIMEWALKERS models and they intend to release a new dial every month to keep the owners from getting bored.

This watch has a start price of 850€ and it’s quite cheaper than the Tag Heuer model but it hasn’t got the same functionalities.
You can check all the possibilities and specs in here.

What do you think about smartwatches? Are you ready and willing to buy one?

Tell us what are you thoughts on it on the comment section down bellow!

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