Watch Buying Guide: 5 affordable dive watches around $500

You don’t have to spend a fortune to own a watch with good quality. Actually there is a lot of manufacturers that deliver a lot of bang for the buck.

How I got started

My first watch was the classic Seiko SKX007 that I got a couple of years ago before I fell deeper into the world of watches. Many people tend to fall in the trap that they put a pretty big amount of money for a replica of let’s say a Rolex. Don’t go there. It’s better to invest in one of the watches I will show further down rather than a fake one. Remember, fake watches are for fake people.

This time we’ll focus on dive watches. A dive watch is often the first type of watch people tend to buy. Why? It’s probably because the dive watches suits perfectly as a everyday timepiece. Yes, I know what you are thinking if you are a daily suit guy, but don’t worry, we’ll cover the perfect budget timepieces for a suit later. So here comes 5 affordable dive watches (yes, it was pretty hard to narrow it down to only 5 since there is a lot of great timepieces out there)


Certina DS Action Diver


Certina DS Action Diver

Certina DS Action Diver  – Roughly $600 US

The Certina DS Action Diver is a great choice as your first dive watch. A sporty look with good water resistance and on a steel bracelet.

This allows you to wear it all the time and not have to worry about getting the watch wet, not even when you shower or take a swim.

If you prefer a splash of color this model also comes in green and blue.

Seiko SKX007

Seiko SKX007

Seiko SKX007 – Roughly around $450 US

Probably one of the most popular Seiko dive watches. A lot of bang for the buck. If you want the “Pepsi” edition, look for SKX009.


Seiko Sumo SBDC001

Seiko Sumo SBDC001

Seiko Sumo SBDC001 – Roughly around $500 US

The Sumo is like the SKX007’s bigger brother. Comes in quite a lot of different looks (SBDC001/003/005/007/009/027) therefore, choose wisely (I like the blue one)


Orient Mako

Orient Mako. Photo: Ablogtowatch

Orient Mako – Roughly around $300 US Photo: aBlogtoWatch

The Orient Mako is a solid contestant to the SKX007 . A really affordable dive watch that comes in different dial colors(blue, orange). This watch has sold in over 100 million pieces to date.

Citizen Aqualand 

Citizen Promaster Aqualand JP2000-08E

Citizen Promaster Aqualand JP2000-08E – Roughly around $500 US

Probably one of the most iconic dive watches. A lot of people find the Aqualand ugly as hell while many people love it.
Of the ones listed it’s the only one with a quartz movement (hence the digital display)

So, thats my five picks this time. Which pieces would you like to see on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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  • carlscutt says:

    Hi Aleks,

    You are spot on when you suggest starting out with a genuine dive watch and leaving the fakes or replicas alone.

    Truth is, the copies are rubbish and as a wearer of the fake it feels rubbish and cheap, so please steer clear. This brings me to my next point that I believe you have really got right.

    I really can’t compliment the Japanese dive watches enough, they are well built, good looking and durable, and I should know because I dive and I have both a Seiko and a Citizen and neither have ever let me down.

    So, basically, if you are starting out, buy good quality for less and save your money for the genuine Rolex if that’s your dream, but steer clear of cheap fakes.



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